DIY projects

I enjoy a good DIY -project. I find the process of creating relaxing, and you’ll often end up with a unique result (which can be good or bad). Here I report of my interior-related DIY-projects.

I also do a lot of small DIY-projects with my eldest daughter. It makes for great quality time and she gets so proud when she has created something (and I usually applaud her efforts – not so much the end result).

I try to keep the projects simple and age appropriate. Below you can find a selection of fun, creative moments we’ve spend together.

Remember to always supervise when DIY’ing with your children, especially when you are working with scissors, staplers and other possibly dangerous tools.

This is a life saver and easy to make, also when you are no ‘natural born diy’er’ like me.

Be fashionable and cheap at the same time! All you need is a little yarn and patience.

Glimmer leaves

You can never add enough glitter to your decorations, if you ask my 5-yo.

A playful decoration made in no time.



When you don’t want to play, but just want to learn.

Crazy is, crazy does. Also with paint when upcycling.

Get your new-furniture-fix by painting your old.

I got cheap and crocheted a plant cover for my banana leaf sleeve. See how to make one too right here.


If you have any glass jars to spare, why not make them into candle holders?

Making your own tic-tac-toe game is just as easy as the game. All you need is a little paint and a lot of fun.


Making a clock is fun, unless you get too eager and forget to listen to your kid.


An ideal activity for kids with steady hands and with a hint of danger.


See how I took on my first upcycling project without knowing what I was doing.

Painting twigs is easy for all.

Toilet rolls turn into puppets.