• Founders: Dino Raw

    We can’t get enough of the colourful, hand illustrated dinosaurs from Dino Raw. The woman behind the friendly prehistorical creatures is Sarah, who’s creativity was meant to entertain her boys, but is now bringing joy to many children’s bedrooms around the globe.

  • Inspiration: George and Janelle

    Janelle Burnett’s house is constantly evolving. She calls her ever changing interior style jokingly a permanent design crisis, but her 22.200 Instagram followers beg to differ. With loads of DIY’s and budget tips, Janelle is a constant inspiration.

  • Founders: Nicole Varga Interior Design

    Interior designer Nicole Varga reinvented herself after moving to Germany from the USA. She went from the field of psychology to being an interior designer and is now her own boss, providing designs, consulting and styling for her clients, via face to face meetings but also as an online designer.

  • DIY: Cupcake stand

    We like cake, we like candy, and we like everything in between. So why not make a display that can feature it all?! With porcelain markers, a couple of plates and a few glasses, the kids can make and decorate it themselves.

  • Inspiration: Joscha and Sarah

    Sarah started organizing little Eddie's gifts in rainbow order, and before she knew it, she had stumbled upon a bright and fun interior solution that works really well for the family of three.

  • Founders: Flair

    “It might have been the best thing that has happened to me,” says Michelle-Marie, the mind behind the creative universe Flair. She speaks about getting fired from her job and at the same time not being enrolled in her dream study. This is a story about the highs and lows of following your destiny.

  • New inspiration

    Hello all. I am currently working on giving the blog a make over. Once it is done, I’ll have loads of new inspiration for you. I will be giving you more home tours focussing on kidsdesign and you will also find more DIY’s, just like before.  I will also introduce a new category, Founders. I’ll be focussing on female entrepreneurs who work with interior design. This I do because I think small businesses should be supported, especially when they are run by strong women with extraordinary visions.  I hope you’ll enjoy the new blog. It will be online in August. Also, I am always on the look out for more…

  • DIY: Easter birds

    What: Easter birds made from yarn. Supplies: Yarn, tiny piece of card board for the beak, iron wire, scissors and twigs to attach the birds to. Duration: 10 minutes per bird. How to: Making these birds is pretty simple, but hard to describe (I tried, but failed). So just follow the steps on the pictures below, it should be a pretty straight forward process. Worth knowing is that you should pull the yarn relatively tight, so the separate strings are aligned and don’t get all flappy on you, once you start to bind the tail. Don’t forget to trim the tail. It might be yarn birds we are talking about,…

  • DIY: Smash!

    What: Yarn sign Supplies: Yarn, iron wire, ‘knitters spool’ (punnik-set in Dutch). Duration: 1 – 2 hours How to: Use your spool to knit a long thread, which you will use to shape your sign with. In Dutch it is known as ‘punniken’ and I have not come across a proper English translation of the word. However, it’s just like loom-knitting in mini form. It’s very easy and once you get the hang of it, it goes rather quickly. Make sure your thread is long enough to write the word you wish. I added the iron wire afterwards. This is of course done so your writing will remain in place.…