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Fenne’s Finest is an interior blog about living with children (0-9 yo), and how to do it somewhat stylishly.

Do you remember the days when your sofa was stainless and your windows were clean? Can you recall walking through your home in a straight line without having to steer around toys, lego and random pieces of clothing?

No? Well, then this blog is perfect for you!

On the blog, I try to find answers to the question on how to unite your love for design and/or beautiful decor with your children’s natural ability to ruin just that with their sticky fingers and developing motor skills.

I have seen many stunning bed- and playrooms for children and also many fabulous interiors for adults; but you don’t see many interiors featured online and in magazines, where you can see how the two interiors meet, or sometimes, collide. I want to change that with this blog.

The blog features interiors from parents that have found their own balance between pretty and practical living. This balance is subjective and I am curious to see how other parents tackle their ‘design versus kids’ issues. You can find all the interiors under ‘Inspiration‘.

The blog also features strong women, who have taken a leap of faith and have started their own business, related to interior design. I feel that it is so important to 

Lastly, when you are all in place with your interior, how are you going to enjoy it with your children? I’ll show you my ideas in the form of simple, low budget and fun activities under ‘DIY projects‘.

About Eleonore Fenne

My name is Eleonore (Noor) Fenne and I am the proud owner of this blog, Fenne’s Finest.

I am 35 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with husband and daughters (5 and 2 years old). I am born and raised in the Netherlands and I moved to Denmark in 2009, where I now work in communications. 

Besides family life, I have two huge passions: writing and interior design. I find that both writing and moving furniture around in our house are a great outlet for my creativity. I enjoy the process of creating and the fact that it in the end has a product to show for my efforts. It keeps me focused and relaxed at the same time.

And I prefer to do all of the above in the company of a good cup of coffee. Because it tastes heavenly and because my kids never sleep.


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I hope you enjoy yourself at Fenne’s Finest. If you want to be featured on the blog with your home or your business, you can write to me via my contact page, or on one of my social channels (see below), and I’ll get in touch with you quickly.

If you have other questions or comments, please also let me know.

I’d love to hear from you.

Eleonore’s portraits and styling by @morettoagency