Inspiration: Brian and Eliana

Brian and Eliana fell for the unique design of one of the apartments in the award winning 8 House in Copenhagen, designed by renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. ‘It is a dream come true to live in this building’.

It is all in the details

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Brian and Eliana, Nicholas (4)

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 110 m2

In a nutshell: ‘We agree to disagree about our interior.’

When Brian and Eliana bought the 110 m2 big apartment in 2015 they were taken aback by the one-off details of their apartment and the friendliness of the neighbors. ‘I am a professional tourist guide’, Eliana says, ‘I tell people about this building all the time. When we got the opportunity to buy an apartment here, we didn’t hesitate.’

Their overall experience of living in 8 House is hugely positive, but Eliana admits that it is a challenge to decorate the apartment: ‘All the quirky details, such as the diagonal walls and different levels make it hard to find furniture that optimizes the use of the available space.’

Another factor contributing to their difficulties in styling their home is that Eliana, born and raised in South America, has a much more abundant interior design style than Danish husband Brian. Eliana: ‘It is very rare that we agree on anything about our interior.’

What they do agree on, is the details. They both enjoy adding small, decorative elements to their apartment. It often concerns items from their youth or with other emotional attachments, such as a piggy bank from Ecuador and a wooden chair, that was Brian’s when he was a child. They also have a large library wall in the living room, which they both are big contributors in filling up: ‘We don’t throw away any books ever!’

The couple also finds common grounds in designing a safe and cozy space for their 4-year-old son Nicholas to be in. ‘We love practical and colorful details for him,’ Eliana says. Nicholas has his own bed- and playroom in one. It is right next to the kitchen, which is the heart of the house. Eliana: ‘I cook a lot. It is nice that Nicholas’ room is very close. He can play while we can keep an eye on him.’

In his room, Nicholas has a matrass for sleeping and a large matrass to play on. The room is filled with toys, lego and books. Eliana explains that they make sure that they buy what Nicholas needs, but other than that, Nicholas can also come with his own input.

‘Brian is very good in asking him what he wants. That is how we ended up with some of the stickers on the wall. I usually stumble upon things, which I immediately know, that he’ll love’, Eliana says.

As an example, Eliana pulls out a pillow, which you can draw on with washable markers. It turns out that the pillow actually is a play mat, filled with soft toys. ‘He loves drawing on it.’ The couple’s son is also creative in other areas. Eliana smilingly explains: ‘From his old matrass and bed-boundary, he often makes a doghouse, so he can pretend he is a dog.’

The couple has a lot of dreams for their interior decoration, although they still need to agree on which topic they’ll tackle first: ‘We need a new couch, a solution for our office, and I would love a giant library on the wall next to the stairs,’ Eliana says.

Until they in agreeance get cracking with the big stuff, they keep styling their home with details filled with love and good memories instead.