Inspiration: Claus and Lizzie

At Claus and Lizzie’s, their three kids usually hang out in the playroom. Ranging from 11 to 2 years in age, the room is designed in such a way, that all kids can enjoy themselves there. And Lizzie can keep an eye on them from the adjacent kitchen.

Mama is watching

Where: Frederiksberg, Denmark

Who: Claus and Lizzie, Camilla (11), Emilie (5) and Claus Henrik (2)

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 240 m2

In a nutshell: Lizzie: ’I make all interior decisions, as long as his Tintin statues remain unharmed.’

At one of Frederiksberg’s broad lanes lies the big and light apartment of Claus and Lizzie.

Frederiksberg is an independent municipality inside the city of Copenhagen, just 9 square kilometers big, known for its lush parks, cozy streets, many cafes and independent boutiques.

When Lizzie opens the front door, she reveals a stunning apartment filled with classic design pieces and original pieces of art. Sunlight oozes in from the big windows and gives the place a tranquil atmosphere.

Lizzie: ‘I like color, but our interior scheme is mainly in black, white and grey. When I moved to Denmark from Mexico, I thought it was a bit boring, when people decorated their house in only these colors. But now I understand why: it is because of the light. There is not so much of it during the winter, so it is best to keep the basics light, so you can soak up as much of the light as you can during the day.’

When Lizzie had to decorate their apartment back in 2016 when they moved in, she therefore opted for high quality furniture, most of it made by renowned Danish designers and brands, such as Montana bookcases, Louis Poulsen lamps and the well-known Muuto dots. ‘The paintings on the walls add the right amount of color to each room, I think’, says Lizzie. Husband Claus’ collection of Tintin figures also adds pops of color to their interior. Lizzies Mexican heritage is found in several pieces in the house; a vase inlayed with silver and a statue made by a Mexican sculptor.

The apartment has a formal reception room and office, where the children are not allowed to play with their toys. Lizzie: ‘This formal room and the rest of the house are connected by a door. When we have unexpected guests, we just close the door. And because the kids are not allowed to have their toys there, it is always cleaned up!’

Right next to the reception room lies the children’s playroom. Lizzie: ‘Nothing is off limits here!’ The children have a computer and a television, loads of toys and a huge couch to have popcorn-filled movie marathons. The kids can always bring their friends from school or daycare.

Lizzie usually keeps an eye on her offspring from the adjacent kitchen: ‘They think I can’t hear them, but I do,’ she chuckles. ‘To me it is very important, that I know what they are doing. My eldest daughter is 11 years old now, and she needs to use the internet for homework. I like to see what she does online. That’s why I set up a little office in the playroom, with a computer with a huge screen. You can read everything on the screen a mile away! I wouldn’t want her to get in touch with the wrong types of people on the internet. Luckily she is very sensible.’

It was also second daughter Emilie, who inspired Lizzie to make a dedicated playroom for the children: ‘When Emilie started walking, we had to put everything away. We literally had most of our knickknacks standing in a box for a long period, because she would touch, and very likely destroy, everything. My eldest was the opposite, she never moved anything.’

Even though the playroom is the most used space by the kids, they also have lovely bedrooms, where they can paint, build with lego and play with their dollhouse. Lizzie: ‘We also travel a lot, and here in the windowsill, they have their souvenirs on display.’ 

The couple plans on moving to another apartment within a year’s time: ‘Then the children each can have their own room. Now the girls sleep together, but the eldest is asking for her own room. But in the evening, they all sit in the bunk bed and then Camilla reads bedtime stories for her younger siblings. Then my heart just melts.’