Inspiration: Deniz og Jannie

’I’d rather clean up an extra time, than to live in a boring house.’ Such is the bold statement that Jannie Moretto makes. As a fashion consultant and trained florist, she is used to mixing and matching materials, textures and color, and she is making it a sport to redefine anything traditional.

Style over function

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Deniz and Jannie, Olga (4)

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 106 m2

In a nutshell: ‘Everything is possible.’

‘Yes, we lack storage space and we could probably have less knick-knacks’ standing around, but it’s so much more fun like this’, says Jannie Moretto. She is the driving force behind all interior decisions at the apartment on the sixth floor in Copenhagen. The accessories in the Moretto home change by season and holiday: ‘It’s like I think with my eyes,’ Jannie laughs out loud, ‘if the visual impression is satisfactory, then we’ll work our way around it.’

However, she is very aware of the needs of her husband Deniz and their 4-year-old daughter Olga. ‘I strive to create an atmosphere, that we all enjoy. I know for sure that Deniz also feels that this is as much his home and style as it is mine.’

It is clear that the rooms have different functions in the house: the living room is vibrant and light. It is suited for entertaining with its big dining table and couch area, and also a few of Olga’s toys, such as an upcycled kitchen and drawing table, are present.

Jannie: ‘We don’t have a television in our living room. We live on the sixth floor; the view is our television. The sofa is facing the view, and not a wall, where the television supposedly has to go. I find it ridiculous that a contractor decides where I should watch television, simply because they only build one tv-connection in a certain place in the living room.’

The master bedroom is decorated in a muted palette, providing a tranquil space for sleeping. Jannie accessorizes the room with her shoes and dresses. She laughs: ‘If I can’t fit a dress, I’ll just hang it there to look at. Then I still feel like I get value for money!’

Daughter Olga has a marvelous room, filled with creative, original and colorful details. Jannie: ‘My personal style is playful and a little crazy. It really fits the universe of a child.’ There is always place for spontaneous fun at the Moretto house: ‘If Olga wants to have a beach party, I whip out our bathing suits, we have drinks with umbrella’s and we blow up all the inflatable animals that we own.’

The latest addition to Olga’s room is a desk made of plywood. ‘We bought it at a hardware store. It was actually too big, so I used the rest of it to make a home office.’ Jannie likes being inventive: ‘Olga got some really hideous plastic animals as a gift. I didn’t want to throw them away, because they were a gift, but they did not fit in into our interior at all.’ A little spray paint did the trick: ‘Now they look funky and fun, just how I like it.’

Olga gets involved in the decisions concerning her room: ‘Olga is pretty laid back and is content with her room. Now that she has gotten her desk, her only wish is a high bed. I am currently finding the best solution, that meets both mine ánd Olga’s standards!’