Inspiration: Jakob and Mathilde

This family knows how to customize a house, so it becomes a home. Jakob has the ideas ánd the ability to execute them. This leads to smart and playful solutions for the whole family to enjoy.

Customized apartment

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Jakob and Mathilde, Ellen (4) and Liv (0)

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 105 m2

In a nutshell: ’If it ain’t broke, fix it anyways.’

A creative universe unfolds, when Mathilde opens the door to their apartment on the second floor in Copenhagen. The home of the family of four consists of a combined kitchen/livingroom on the one side of the apartment and three (bed-)rooms on the other side. The two sides are connected by a long corridor.

The furniture that Jakob and Mathilde have gathered over the years is a mix of old and new, mostly in greys and browns, with a few bright accents in the form of a yellow chair or a huge map on the wall.

The family moved in in the beginning of 2017. Mathilde quickly became pregnant with their second child, a reason for the family to make thorough changes to the apartment, that they’d already customized to their needs when they moved in.

Mathilde: ‘Jakob is the brains behind all our interior decisions. He involves me in them as well, but he is definitely more passionate about it than I am.’ As an example, Mathilde mentions that Jakob designed and built the low wall in the livingroom when they moved in. The wall functions as a room divider and gives a cozy feel to the space.

In the kitchen, Jakob has built a bench with storage space underneath. Mathilde: ‘We had made a bar disk there when we moved in, but when I became pregnant again, we basically lowered it to bench-height, and added the storage units, so we could stuff them with our eldest daughter’s toys. It had been bothering us for a while that the toys were lying around in the livingroom most of the time and we also wanted to make room for the baby there. This way, we solved both problems at once.’

It was a little tough for big sister Ellen to adjust to the changes in the apartment, awaiting the arrival of her little sister. Luckily father Jakob had a few creative DIY-solutions up his sleeve to tackle the issue. An old door became a climbing wall and two gymnastic-rings were attached to a work-out bar next to the kitchen. Mathilde: ‘Ellen enjoys climbing and hanging in the rings very much. Before it was just our corridor, but now it’s a place where we have a lot of fun.’

Ellen also had to be bribed to change rooms, Mathilde admits smilingly. ‘Ellen used to sleep in the biggest bedroom of the apartment, and we had chosen the smaller one for ourselves. Unfortunately, we had no space for the crib in our room, so we had to swap with Ellen.’ By promising Ellen that she was allowed to have a poster with princesses in her room, she was sold.

When the family swapped rooms, Jakob had to muster all his creativity to come up with clever solutions so they could fit a little library, a wardrobe closet, a home office ánd their bed plus crib into that one room.

The end result is both practical and stunning. The wardrobe functions as a room divider and its backside makes for a splendid head board for the bed. By adding wooden planks to the backside of the closet, Jakob created a warm yet calm atmosphere for the bedroom. Also, a marvelous and elegant coat rack adds to the calm vibe of the bedroom.

And Ellen thrives in her new room; she sleeps next to her cherished princess-poster in a high sleeper, that was of course also customized by Jakob, so his daughter has the best room she can wish for. And Liv is still blissfully unaware of all the changes she has set in motion with her arrival.