Inspiration: Jesper and Camilla

Kids can be kids at Jesper and Camilla’s. ‘We just shove things aside as long as there is someone willing to play with it.’ Due to solid and calm interior design, even a little mess seems stylish in the home of four.

Scandinavian vibes on the fifth floor

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Jesper and Camilla, Lea (4) and Ebba (0)

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 85 m2

In a nutshell: ‘We find energy in each other’s company, and enjoy the fact that all rooms are connected.’

Outside a spring storm is blazing. But the howling winds are readily forgotten when you enter the nordic calm atmosphere of Jesper and Camilla’s apartment on the fifth floor of a newly built apartment block in Copenhagen.

’We like neutral elements in our interior,’ says Camilla, who gently caresses her 3 months old baby girl Ebba, who is slumbering on her arm. ‘Those instances where we add some color to our interior, we choose colors that can be found in nature.’

All rooms in the 85 square meters’ big apartment are connected to the combined kitchen/living room. Camilla: ‘I enjoy it very much that we can be together as a family. We don’t have to be engaged with each other at all times, each of us can do their own activity, but we are still in the same space. I love the fact that I don’t have to leave my 4-year-old daughter Lea by herself in the living room, when I start cooking dinner for example. In our old apartment everything was divided into separate rooms. I really disliked disrupting our routines, when I had to do something that couldn’t be done in the same room as my daughter was.’

‘We choose our furniture very carefully,’ Camilla says. ‘I am usually the one with the ideas, but Jesper and I make the decisions together. We search online until we have found the perfect chair, dinner table or string cabinet. In this search I prioritize getting as much value for money as possible. This means that I don’t look for fancy labels, but for proper quality. Sometimes we end up buying the real deal, and other times I am just as happy with the rip-off. As long as we can use it in our daily lives, then I am happy.’

The mix between practical and pretty is a dominant theme in the couple’s interior. ‘Take our dinner table, for example. It is made of robust wood, which gives a warm vibe to the room. At the same time, it is big enough for us to eat at and have Lea’s creative projects lying on it without having to put everything away when it’s dinnertime.’ 

In one area Camilla admits to be a bit of a label snob though: ‘I can’t resist the Royal Copenhagen porcelain. It is so beautifully made and of the best quality.’

Camilla says that eldest daughter Lea usually drags her toys from her bedroom into the living room. ‘We are not at all fuzzy about it, we like her to play in the same room as we are in.’ Some of Lea’s toys have a permanent place in the living room, such as her doll house and a work bench. The rest has its home in Leas own bedroom.

‘We do rotate, however,’ Camilla explains. ‘It is our philosophy that children enjoy their toys more, when they do not have loads of them standing around. We therefore store a part of Leas toys in the basement. It is like having a private toy store in there! Lea gets to decide which toys are downstairs, and which ones are in the apartment. A few times a year we go down and switch.’

For now, Lea has her own bedroom, but in the future, she’ll share it with her little sister. The couple has already invested in a bunk bed. ‘It’s so cozy there,’ Camilla smiles. ‘We listen to an audio book with children’s stories before sleeping. And sometimes we fall asleep there too. Such is life with small kids.’