Inspiration: Joost and Jannine

Statement pieces, an amazing floor and a playroom are some of the ingredients in the organized and tidy home of Joost and Jannine and their two boys: ‘They key is to not give up on tidying up at the end of the day.’

Tidy home for four

Where: Sassenheim, the Netherlands

Who: Joost and Jannine, Orson (2) and Egon (0)

Type: Villa

Living surface: 185m2

In a nutshell: ‘Modern chic with a colorful twist.’

‘They are so defining for the atmosphere,’ Jannine says. And even though one could think she’s referring to her two gorgeous boys, Jannine is actually talking about the lamps that she and her husband Joost bought after moving in into their house in early 2018.

‘Besides the couch and side table, we only invested in a few statement lamps when it comes to furniture,’ Joost says. The lamps add even more character to the unique house, with its impressive herringbone floor, classic stove, open and light kitchen and four large bedrooms.

Joost: ’We fell for this house, because of its space, both indoors and outdoors, and the quiet neighborhood. We love that we live in a small village, and we have everything we need right at hand.’

The house was ready for them to move in, but the couple created a lovely new bathroom adjacent to their bedroom and revamped the already existing guest bathroom. Joost: ‘This will be very practical when the boys get bigger.’

The couple and their children spend a lot of their time in the kitchen. Jannine: ‘With two small kids, sometimes I feel like all we do is hopping from one meal to the next.’

Due to the splendid summer, the family of four also spent a lot of time in their garden. Joost: ‘It is so relaxing to sit here. First we wanted to get rid of the pavement, but it actually is a lot of fun for Orson to drive around on his scooter, so we’ll leave it for now. Besides, he has a little area with a sand box, where he can play on a soft underlayment.’

Jannine: ‘We always clean up at the end of the day, and also during the day, when they nap for example, because otherwise it becomes a giant mess.’ Joost continues: ‘Sometimes we visit people that seem to just have given up, and toys have overtaken the entire house. We don’t want that, so we try to keep things neat and tidy.’

While little Egon still slept with his parents at the time of my visit, Orson has already gotten his own bedroom ánd playroom on the second floor. On the walls, colorful wallpaper creates a boyish universe. Orson’s bedroom is decorated with calm shades of blue, while the playroom has more punch with reds and yellows.

Joost: ‘We are happy that we now have the space to have a dedicated play room. Of course Orson wants to be close to us because he is only two years old, so he also has toys in the living room downstairs, but we definitely would like them both to play up here, when they are a little older.’

Until then, the family enjoys their chic but child proof home downstairs, where the herringbone floor for example is appreciated by all family members; for Joost and Jannine as a stunning feature, for baby Egon to learn to crawl on, and for Orson as an excellent car track for his truck.