Inspiration: Lars and Julie

Lars and Julie mix classic Danish design pieces with contemporary art to create a colorful and warm home to accommodate their boys’ wild games and equally wild sleeping patterns.

Colors give life

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Lars and Julie, Bjørn (7) and Arthur (3)

Type: Apartment

Living surface: 124m2

In a nutshell: ‘Wild games, color and art’

‘We don’t want peace and quiet,’ Julie says, ‘we like the buzz of the inner city.’ That’s why they concentrated on inner city neighborhood Østerbro in Copenhagen for their house hunt in 2015. ‘For us it was very important that we could walk to everything,’ Julie explains, ‘we don’t want to own a car. Those times we need one, we rent one. Now we have everything close at hand; school, daycare, shops and a giant park are all just around the corner.’

The couple lives in a classic street level apartment of 124 m2 with their two sons Bjørn and Arthur. The apartment consists of four rooms that all can be reached by a long divider hallway; two of the rooms function as bedrooms and the two other rooms as living- and lounging area. The family eats in the separate kitchen, where a round dining table is the focal point of many family dinners.

The apartment is over 100 years old and measures more than 3 meters from floor to ceiling. A unique feature is the old fireplace in the living room. Julie: ‘It is where we keep our champagne!’ The apartment is not entirely original anymore. ‘We installed a new kitchen and bathroom when we moved in. We are very happy with how both rooms turned out, because we spend a lot of time there.’

It was important that the apartment could accommodate the (wild) games of the boys. The brothers love to play soccer in the hallway, or shoot their nerff guns there. They even race around on their (indoor-) bikes. A collection of balls and balloons gives design classic Børge Mogensens sofa a whole new function.

It’s a proper playground for the kids, but for Lars, another feature of their home is more important. Julie explains: ‘Lars commented this morning that one of the cool things about this apartment is that we can have one extra proper bed in our bedroom, so we can get a good night’s sleep, even when one of the boys wants to sleep with us.’

The two boys are poor sleepers and they have challenged their parents greatly in the nightly hours. Julie: ‘We are so tired, it is horrible. But we are slowly starting to see a change and we are able to sleep more hours a night and the sleep is of a better quality.’

Lars usually has many ideas as to how to improve their interior. ’And I veto them,’ Julie laughs. The couple does agree on the fact that colors in the house give life. Therefore, they find it important to bring in as much color as possible. They do this by having both art and many books on display.

Julie: ’I love looking at all our books. They come in a huge variety of colors. Besides the fact that they create a lovely atmosphere, they also have memories attached to it, which I like.’

The couple regularly debates which pieces of art they should exhibit. ‘Our tastes do not overlap at all,’ Julie says. ‘I like art to be beautiful and Lars is interested in bringing in art that can be used as topics for debate.’ By rotating the pieces, both Lars and Julie get to look at the art that they like best.

Eldest son Bjørn also starts to develop opinions about the family’s art. Julie: ‘The other day Bjørn commented that he likes the painting of a window in the bathroom best, because he can dream himself away to other places.’ It happens to be one of the few pieces that both Lars and Julie like. So it might be the kids that’ll manage any future art purchases to keep all family members happy.