Inspiration: Mark and Noor

Wanting to live close to the city center, but away from the city’s noise and its traffic, drove Mark and me to unknown territory. We fell in love with a town house built in 2011, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Ørestad. Now we’ve been living here for almost three years, and we are even more excited about the house and its surroundings now, than when we moved here. Even though it can get a little crowded, now that our family exists of four members.

Informal town house for four

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Who: Mark and Noor, Elin (4) and Ina (1)

Type: Town house

Living surface: 110 m2

In a nutshell: ‘We like color, originality and appreciate a plant here and there. We go for a relaxed vibe and want all visitors to feel at home instantly.’


‘Living in this part of Ørestad, means being close to the elements,’ says Mark, while he sips on his coffee and looks outside though our window. ‘That means that we live outside in the summer, and that we are spending most of our time inside, when it is cold and dark.’ It is early in the morning and our children have already been up a few hours. The eldest is drawing at her desk, and the youngest one is just learning to crawl. We sit at our kitchen table and need more coffee to get going.

We fell in love with this house due to its great location: it’s literally situated between city and nature. The house has a very practical and neutral lay out, which makes it easy to decorate. And we are very fond of our view, we love to see the seasons change from our bedroom window.

The first year we lived here, the living room resembled a toy store. We had gone all in on providing fun stuff for our daughter to play with, so toys could be found in all corners of the house. And she didn’t even play with most of it. All this clutter started to annoy us.

When baby number two was a bun in the oven, we knew we had to radically change our interior. We also wanted it to be a nice and relaxing space for us adults. We threw out and gave away so much baby stuff! And our eldest never even noticed it.

We also created more storage space. We built a daybed with hidden storage compartments in it, for example. We also received a big dresser from my father as a gift, made in the 1800’s, which serves as a place to store a lot of knick knacks, such as pencils, books and other toys.

I am the main driving force behind all interior projects at our place, since it is my passion. I have a lot of ideas and keep on spitting them out, which drives Mark crazy. But what can I say? I enjoy the process of creating and the satisfaction of the final product. Mark on the other hand, has a great eye for fun and quirky details that really spice up the interior and make it personal. We both like color and appreciate a twist to what is standard, such as a tiny basket ball hoop next to our front door, so you can dunk before going your way.

We now only add things to our interior that fit our taste; sometimes newly made and sometimes second hand. We are not done shaping and developing our interior, our family is constantly evolving and so is our taste.