Inspiration: My dad’s place

African masks on the eating table, a thousand antlers in the kitchen and giant paintings taking up every centimeter of the walls. Welcome to my father’s house.

All worlds into one

Where: The Hague, the Netherlands

Who: Peter

Type: Lower floor town house

Living surface: 96m2

In a nutshell: More is more

‘So why interiors?’ I’ve been asked this question a lot after I started my blog. 

There are many reasons for it, but today I’d like to shed a little light on one of them. And that is that I grew up with loads of interior inspiration around me.

My father has a very keen eye for interior decorating, and over the years he has developed his own, unique style. It is like stepping into a different world when you enter his house in the Netherlands. Or, as might be a better way to put it, it is like stepping into every kind of world at once.

There are influences from the past in the form of giant, wooden cabinets and closets, which are filled with a collection of butterflies, silverware and other curiosities.

A crystal chandelier makes you feel like you are in a movie from the 20s (even though it might be a lot older), but another lamp, the sputnik, makes you want to be part of the roaring 60’s.

African masks take you to non-western culture, just like a totem pole of welded pieces of iron. 

On the walls there is not a single piece of bare space, all is filled up with art; both modern and classic, paintings, prints and collages.

It is always an adventure visiting, because nothing ever is the same. And for this occasion, you are also invited to have a look into my fathers universe, where time and space are all warped into one great, eclectic unity.