Inspiration: Tijn and Jules

Kidsroom design is Jules’ passion and she has gained lots of followers on social media by putting a lot of love into her son’s nurseries. Now she is in for a new adventure: running her own online shop for baby and kids bedding and sleepwear.

Sleepless nights turned into a business

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Who: Jules and Tijn, Flo (3,5) and Freddie (1)

Type: Three story house from the 1930s

In a nutshell: ”Our style is Scandi inspired, but we put our own Dutch twist to it with wooden and color pop accents.”

Jules lives and breathes kidsroom design. It started when the family moved to their new house which offered one room for each of the boys who are now 3.5 and 1 year old.

Jules: “We live in a house built in the 1930’s. This means lovely wooden beams and ceilings, but also very steep stairs, as are typical for these type of houses in the Netherlands. We had to do quite some kids-proofing, but the boys’ rooms are now next to each other on the second floor and they have enough room to play in them. We parents have the attic to ourselves – which is nice, but also leads to a lot of running up and down the stairs during the night when the boys don’t sleep well.”

As a family they love to lounge at their large dining table, where they have long breakfasts, draw or play games together. But when it comes to interior design, Jules’ main focus is on the boys’ rooms. Jules: “I wanted to create rooms that are cozy as well as hip, with classical elements. I picked simple furniture – all made from wood, mostly left natural, but some painted white to match the wooden beams in our house. This means that I can now mix and match and change things around as well as use different decorative elements. At the moment the rooms are mostly for sleeping, most of the toys are still in the living room, but our older son starts to play in his own room more and more.”

This year, Jules’ love for kidsinterior evolved into a business: “The idea for my online shop came to me in a sleepless night. One of the many, many ones I had since I had my sons, who have phases of being exceptionally bad sleepers. When I looked for things for their rooms, it always took me a lot of time to find the right shops to buy from. One carries this brand, one another, you need to pay a lot of shipping when buying from different ones, and not many shops are centered around a theme, where you can get everything you need for a specific aim. Since I have a passion for sleeping and am addicted to gorgeous bedding and sleepwear, I decided to fill this gap for sleeping and open a one-stop-shop for this.”

Jules called her shop appropriately “Good-Night-Shop” and offers products from brands like Garbo & Friends, Born Copenhagen, Ann Cerise sur le Gateau, Organic Zoo and Swedish Linens. Jules has come a long way from her sleepless nights, and is looking forward to expand her business over the next period of time. As she phrases it: “All my products aim to sweeten the dreams of the little ones because when the little ones sleep, then us the parents can rest as well.”

All pictures in this article are made by Jules, who has given me permission to use them. You can see much more of Jules’ fabulous nurseries on her Instagram, where she goes by the name @babyhitparade. Also, you can follow her webshop on Instagram, @goodnightshop.

If you’ve gotten curious about some of the products in the pictures, you can find and buy the following products in Jules’ shop,