Banana leaf sleeve

Hey all!

Thanks for popping by and giving my banana leaf sleeve a look.

I was looking for a budget-friendly alternative to some sort of copper-messing type of planter for my recently bought banana leaf plant. You know, one of those planters that you can find at any interior shop with respect for itself. But sometimes I get cheap, and this was one of those times (and my bank account told me so).

So I decided to make a plant cover myself. I love knitting and crocheting, but since having kids, I am usually busy trying to avoid them tearing down the place. And I am often so tired in the evening, that I get totally cross-eyed and that makes for funky end results when crocheting. Sometimes funky can be a goal in itself, but this was not one of those times!

However, one evening, I had some fumes left in my energy-tank and I immediately whipped out a little yarn from my stash, to crochet my desired plant cover.

All you need is yarn in the color you like and a crochet hook. Oh and time of course, the most precious ingredient of this project (good luck finding it mommas!)

You make a chain of stitches that is just long enough to hug the pot tightly (and most yarn stretches a bit). I used hook 6 and two threads of yarn, basically just to make it go quick. I used a double crochet stitch (in the UK known as treble), to speed up the process, but also to give it a nice texture and light feel.

You can crochet in the round to avoid sewing/stitching it together afterwards, but I opted for crocheting back and forth, just to make sure I could adjust the size, if it turned out too big (if it wouldn’t fit, then it would end in my “I’m-gonna-finish-it- later- pile” which might just as well be called a super massive black hole, because until now I have never finished a project from that pile).

I made no bottom, because when I water the plant, the water needs to be able to drip out freely. I imagine that constantly wet yarn gets mouldy and smelly relatively quickly, and I have no interest in that.

Luckily, it turned out that I got the size right. It’s just cozily hugging the pot and I like the yellow in combination with the green leafs, it is after all a banana plant.

I had this little moment of “O my! This looks like the toilet roll cover my grandparents had on the camping site!” and wanted to chuck it out – but the good folks on Instagram convinced me to keep it, after a 100% answered ‘it’s cool!’ on the poll that I had on the topic on Instagram.

Now it’s brightening up the bedroom and I am so pleased to have finished a project!