December 10th

What: Orange peel guirlande.

Supplies: Oranges, star shapes cookie cutter, fish string, needle, paint, paper, washi tape.

Duration: 1 hour all together.

How to: Every Christmas must involve at least one good smelling ingredient, don’t you think? There are of course your typical Christmassy smells like cinnamon, cookies and the smell of the roast. But somehow, oranges are also in the mix, if you ask me.

Make a guirlande out of the peel, by carefully peeling the orange and cutting out stars with a cookie cutter. Sew the stars together on a fish string. Let dry properly, if you can’t make the guirlande straight away, otherwise they will get moldy. I made 20 stars.

If you feel like it, paint a Christmas tree on a big piece of paper. Don’t be afraid to go big! I used greens of course, but also blue and purple, to add a little depth to the tree. You can also buy a poster of a tree, or find another expression of a tree (or, being totally radical over here: use an actual Christmas tree).

Hang your tree on the wall and zigzag your guirlande over it. Attach to the wall with washi tape. I thought it was a fun effect to not have it align with the tree, but to zigzag the guirlande over it.

The story behind it: Oranges smell so good! So this year it was a must to incorporate them in our X-mas decorations. Even though the traditional way with cloves in all types of patterns is lovely, I wanted to try something else, so I was pretty excited when I came across this guirlande online (even though I am quite aware of the fact that people have been making these guirlandes forever!).

My daughter fell very much in love with the tree that I painted, so she hijacked it and has it in her room now (picture is taken in the 1-yo’s bedroom, which is very much still under construction, with a reveal at a later point in time. But now you’ve seen the walls already! Yay!).

The 5-yo has adorned the tree with hearts (all cluttered in one place), which is also very cute (see also on Instagram). She was pretty invested in making the guirlande. However, pushing the star-shape through the orange peel was a bit too difficult for her. And I must say, it hurt my hand as well, so I don’t blame her. But handling the very sharp needle was dangerous good fun for her!