December 12th

What: Silk paper stars.

Supplies: Silk paper, scissors, glue stick, scotch tape.

Duration: About 10-15 minutes per star, quicker once you get the hang of it.

How to: For the big stars (in blue below): start with 8 square pieces of silk paper. Fold diagonally, so you have two triangles on your square piece when you fold it out again. Fold the tops on the one side to the line in the middle. Your first piece is already done. Easy, right? Repeat with the other squares. Make sure that the shiny side of your silk paper is facing outwards.

For the smaller star (in red below): cut 8 rectangular silk paper pieces. Fold in two, fold out again. Fold the tips to the line in the middle. On one side, fold the tips again to the middle, so you get a pointier point (if you get my drift). Also make 8 pieces.

For all stars goes: glue them together in the middle, where the thinnest parts of the stars are facing outwards. Make sure that they align neatly to avoid gaps. It should fit perfectly with 8 pieces.

Hang them on a window with a pieces of see-through scotch tape.

The story behind it: This is a classic for me. I have made loads of them when I was in school (a Rudolf Steiner School) and this was pure sentiment.

To be fair, it was too difficult for my 5-yo. She gave it a try, but she didn’t see the point in folding it precisely, which is a big part of this DIY.

She did help glueing the pieces together and she was also very vocal when picking the colors and deciding on the way the stars should be arranged on the window.

I hope you like them as much as I do. You can of course just go for a more muted palette, if you prefer a little ‘calmer’ sight. I think I might do that for our decorations for the Christmas dinner, which we will be hosting this year.