December 11th

What: Snowman fingers.

Supplies: Finger paint, pencils and a tiny helper.

Duration: 5 minutes to get the handprint, 5 minutes to draw the snowmen.

How to: Dip your child’s hand in finger paint and try to make a nice, flat print. 

Draw on faces, hats and scarfs as you please with pencils once the finger paint is dry.


The story behind it: My 1-yo was not very cooperative in the process. She clearly had no clue as what the paint was for and resisted heavily when I tried to push her hand flat on the piece of paper. That is also why I have no pictures from the process; I was too busy battling her, haha. And then I had to try to stop her eating the paint as well, but I got a good print in the end. 

For us the secret was making one big, swooping motion, which makes the hand hit the paper from above. So no hovering above the paper, that ended in disaster several times.

After that, it was easy to draw on the faces. Alternatively, if you do this with a little elder children, you can make them design and draw the snowmen themselves.