December 13th

What: Sparkly pinecone decorations.

Supplies: Pinecones, beads, super glue and thin iron wire to attach them to the branches of you Christmas tree .

Duration: 1 hour to make seven of them – longer if you glue your fingers together.

How to: A little warning is in place before you start on this DIY: it is not suited for young kids! 

The DIY itself is extremely easy, all you need to do is glue the beads to the tips of the pinecones and attach the pinecones to your Christmas tree.

However, you’ll have to use super glue in order to make the beads stick rather quickly, otherwise you’ll be sitting there until Christmas next year, waiting for the glue to dry and collecting beads that are falling off because your glue is not dry.

And that’s the thing; I managed to glue my fingers together twice and I also glued a few beads to my fingers and also the table. Yep I am a little clumsy sometimes and that glue is just so damn strong!

My point is that you don’t want your little kiddo to experience the same thing, even though all my fingers are their own, separate entities again! So this is not so much a DIY with kids, but definitely one for kids, because they’ll love to see them on the tree, as the little magpie’s they are!

The story behind it: I had seen this DIY with tiny pom pom’s and thought it was very cute. 

So my initial plan was to make them with those, but I couldn’t find them. And then I also thought of the fact that I was going for a red and gold-themed Christmas tree, so it wouldn’t have fitted into my color scheme anyways (and this is the first year that I am concerned with a color scheme, how adulty is that?!).

I am very pleased with the results. It was not much of a DIY with kids, but we put them up together and the cones got a lot of “well done, mama’s” from the 5-yo.

The 1-yo faithfully tried to destroy them, but due to this amazing super glue, she had to conclude that her attempts were futile. Ha! Super glue for the win!