December 14th

What: Starlight express. Guirlande made of stars.

Supplies: Paper, star-formed paper puncher, sewing machine. 

Duration: 20 minutes.

How to: Punch out the stars, sew them together to a long guirlande.

If you think your guirlande is long enough, then its safe to say that you should add more stars. Size matters!

I used my sewing machine to make the guirlande, but alternatively you can glue them to a string. 

The story behind it: One of my Danish friends has been sewing her own guirlandes for many years now. I specifically remember a fantastic New Year’s eve, about 5 years ago, where the whole summer house we were staying at with a group of friends was covered in loads of guirlandes that our hostess had made herself.

At that point in my life I wasn’t into sewing at all, and I remember these guirlandes giving me a ‘mind=blown’ feeling, thinking “Can you also sew paper?!”

And now I can say from own experience “Yes you can!” It is fun to make the guirlande, even though I wasn’t very good at distributing the stars evenly. But you can’t really see it in the tree, so I am a happy camper and will enjoy my guirlande very much.