December 15th

What: Medals with nature prints.

Supplies: Clay (white), a twig from your Christmas tree, other wintery (organic) material, such as hazelnut shells, pinecones and so on. A piece of string if you want to hang them, and a little sharp object to pierce the clay.

Duration: 30 minutes.

How to: Roll your clay into small balls. Flatten them with your hands. Gently (!) press your material in the clay, so it leaves an imprint. Remove your object.


For variation, you can also leave the twigs in it. Make as many as you like.

Remember to pierce the clay while it’s still wet, if you want to hang your little medals afterwards. 

If the clay gets dry while you and your kids are working on it just sprinkle a little water on it, and it will be as good as new again.

And a little tip: as you can see on one of the pictures, some organic material rubs off on the clay, leaving tiny specs. You can’t see it from a distance, but try to make a proper imprint the first time, because otherwise your clay will end up being a little dirty, instead of white.

The story behind it: Being a former Rudolf Steiner School pupil, I had made these imprints before, but I had totally forgotten about it, until I saw it again in the Lekolar catalogue (no sponsoring). It’s a great idea and easy to realize with kids.

You can make a scavenger hunt out of it, when you’re off to find interesting things you can make imprints of in your clay. That’s what we did, it’ s much more adventurous to call it a scavenger hunt, instead of calling it ‘going for a walk and finding twigs’ even though it is basically the same. If you’re really serious about being adventurous, then also grab a pair of binoculars, a swiss knife and some good snacks. Your kids will be interested in it much longer!

Go to your local nature area, the park or just outside on the street. There are a million things you can choose between, your fantasy is the limit! I chose things related to Christmas, but you can go as crazy as you like of course.

Will you let me know, if you make any?