December 16th

What: Advent lights.

Supplies: 4 flower pots, 4 candles, clay, moss, markers. 

Duration: 20 minutes.

How to: Write the numbers 1-4 on the pots. I just used a marker, but you can also print the numbers, use a stencil or write it in Morse code, it’s your call!

Put the clay in the flower pots, so your candles won’t fall over. Cover with moss. And you’re already done – which is a good thing, because it is already the 3rd Advent!

The story behind it: Ajajaj! This one slipped for me! It’s already the 3rd Advent, we’ve had the lights since the first, and I haven’t gotten round showing you guys our version.

Luckily, there are still two Advent Sundays to go, so if you haven’t had the chance to make one, and you’re still willing to get on board, then this is your chance! It’s so easy and quick, that I am pretty sure you can do it under the 20 minutes I used (but that was including fighting the little one off, hehe).

Have a great 3rd Advent out there!