December 17th

What: Stars with a pop!

Supplies: Popsicles, super glue, regular crafts glue, glitter. And more glitter. And maybe a few extra shining, sparkling glitters. Just make sure you don’t run out, okay?

Duration: 30 minutes.

How to: Use the super glue to make stars with the popsicles. This is a job for an adult. You don’t want to be that doofus that has to go to the ER with a child whose fingers are glued together.

I had made triangles to resemble Christmas trees which my daughter could decorate. However, she immediately put four triangles over each other and asked if this was a new kind of star. Well, it was then and there!

Let your mini-me(‘s) decorate the stars to their liking. In our case it involved a shitload of glitter, but you can basically glue all things small onto the popsicles, like beads, pom pom’s, or you can wrap pipe cleaners around it. Use your regular glue for this. Make sure to allow to dry overnight, unless you want everything covered in glitter.

The story behind it: Popsicles are fun! And easy to work with. You can make all sorts of Christmas related decorations with it, use Pinterest for inspiration.

I had never made anything with popsicles, but I really like the cute Christmas trees that are all over the internet. But as I said above, my daughter made stars out of it, so we have no trees, but just stars. And that is fine as well, I was very happy she came with her own input and was able to combine triangles to a new shape.