December 18th

What: Clothespin stars.

Supplies: Wooden clothespins and super glue.

Duration: 15 minutes.

How to: Pull the two parts of the clothespin apart. Glue them together again, as shown on the pictures. 

Use the stars to decorate your gifts or as a decoration on your tree. 

We added a little glitters on one of the stars (never go down on glitter) and left the other one neutral.

The story behind it: I saw a tutorial on how to make these stars on Instagram, and it just fitted right into our DIY-scheme.

We had a lot of left over pegs from our ‘laundry line’ and it made sense to me to use them for this as well.

Since the tree is already heavily decorated with other DIY-projects from this Christmas calendar, I decided to use them as a little extra on our gifts. 

I made the stars myself, because of the super glue needed to glue the rather small parts together. And since the gifts are for our little ones, I had to wrap them myself as well.