December 19th

What: Frozen apple lights.

Supplies: Apples, tools to make a hole in the apples, egg-whites, white sugar, tea light.

Duration: 20 minutes.

How to: Get your egg-whites and sugar ready in a bowl. Draw a circle on your apples, use your tea light as a mold for the right size. 

Scrape out the top of the apple until it is deep enough to fit a tea light. Be careful not to push too hard, the apple can crumble easily (mine did).

When your light fits (use one to try on every apple, otherwise all your lights will be covered in apple-goo), then drip the egg-whites on the apples. This will make the sugar stick.

Pour the sugar over the apples, to create a fake frozen effect.

Leave alone until the egg-whites are stiffened.

Put the lights in it and enjoy! 

The story behind it: My dad used to make frozen fruit when I was a child. A large centerpiece with all sorts of fruit. I was so in awe, and was puzzled how he could freeze the fruit and how he got it to stáy frozen throughout the Christmas days!

He told me his trick about 15 years ago, and every once in a while I make my own frozen fruit for the holidays.

And I didn’t want to deprive you guys of it! This year I didn’t make a centerpiece (although I still might…), I evolved the concept a little and added lights in the apples. 

I was unfortunately not very lucky with the light-situation when taking the pictures. It was a very dreary day with very little light, so I had to rush to use the last bits of day light. I therefore had no time to let the egg-whites dry properly, so my sugar became a little clumpy as a result (because I moved the apples and pushed the suger up- and sideways with my fingers). If you let it dry properly, then you’ll get a better result.

Will you give it a try?