December 22nd

What: Ice cold candles.

Supplies: Jars with a wide opening, plastic cups, twigs, scotch tape or something to way down the plastic cups, water and a freezer. Tea lights for when your candle holder is done.

Duration: 15 minutes and one night in the freezer.

How to: Cut your twigs into small pieces. Put some of them on the bottom of your jar. Place the plastic cup on top of it (it will be a bit wobbly).

Make sure the bottom of your plastic cup is a little bigger than your tea lights.

Put the other twigs between the jar and the plastic cup. 

Pour water between the jar and the cup, make sure not to overflow your cup.

If you have big cups, then you can make a cross with tape on top of your jar, so your plastic cup doesn’t flow out of the jar. 

My cups were smaller then my jar, so I used a few pebbles to way them down. And I also added a few glitters, on my daughters behalf.

Put in the freezer for at least a couple of hours.

Voila! Here are your lights. They melt of course, so make sure they are outside, or on something that can contain the dripping.

The story behind it: I saw this DIY in the Christmas catalogue from Søstrene Grene and was completely in love straight away, what an awesome idea!

And a great way to bid your guests welcome when they come for Christmas, when you put them in front of your doorway.

And it’s so simple, that the kids totally can be part of it (but it’s difficult to wait a whole night for the water to freeze).