December 23rd

What: Winter wonderland guirlande for above the Christmas table.

Supplies: Branch, string lights, (fish-) string, screws or small hooks, pine branches, pine cones, stars or other types of decorations.

Duration: 45 minutes.

How to: Find or buy a large branch. We found ours in our favorite nature area and it is about 3 meters long. 

Wrap your string lights around it.

Attach to the ceiling with a string, by binding it to the screws/hooks you’ve screwed into it beforehand. We used fish string to give the branch a floating effect and because it can bear a lot of weight. Don’t hang it too low, because you will not be able to see your guests for the decorations. 

Attach your decorations to it. We chose big stars, pine cone twigs from our Christmas tree and a few pine cones.

If I can get my hands on some mistletoe today, I will attach it to the branch as well.

Done! We will have our Christmas dinner under this branch, and we will move our furniture around today, December 23rd to make it happen. The pictures were taken on the 22nd, where everything else still was at its regular spot. So it looks a bit weird now, just floating in the middle of the room, but I’m sure it’ll look grand when the dining tables are under the branch.

The story behind it: I am always torn between minimalist, neutral Scandinavian design and maximalist boho-throw-in- everything-you’ve-got-styling, and I think this branch is a great expression of it!

I am completely taken aback by those stylish nude table settings with linen table runners, wooden plates and crystal glasses. And that topped by a lush branch hanging over it with a thousand fairy lights (just check Pinterest for reference).

So that is kinda the look that I’m going for, except that I don’t live in a New Yorker loft with 6 metres to the ceiling, concrete floors and room for amazing art installations on the walls. 

However, that is not holding me back. And I’m all in! So here is a big branch in a low house, with a small dining table and with the biggest stars attached to it. When it’s Christmas, we go bold!

And my 5-yo loves it, I am so thrilled when I see her gazing up on the fairy lights, the lights reflecting in her eyes. And we all look forward a great deal to the Christmas dinner that we will have under this branch on the 24th of December.