December 24th

What: Christmas table decor.

Supplies: Pine twigs, apples, tea lights.

Duration: 25 minutes.

How to: A table setting is rather personal, so use what you’ve got and what you like. I stayed true to the theme of my branch, and added only pine twigs to the table and apple lights, which I’d also made a few days ago (see December 19th).

To stay in the gold and red theme, which is also the color scheme of our Christmas tree (see December 14th), I added red napkins. Those I spiced up with a little mushroom and a little pine twig as well.

The big branches I will remove during dinner, because the food can’t be there otherwise. But it is a lovely ‘hello’ to our guests.

The story behind it: This year I actually thought about a color scheme and stuck to it! We have made a lot of DIY’s in all shades of red and gold.

I think it worked out well, it’s a nice mix between the Scandinavian style with a lot of neutrals and earthy decorations, and my other side, which is a bit more boho.

I’ve heard the term Scandi maximalist, and that might be me!

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