December 2nd

What: Twig Santa’s.

Supplies: Twigs, paint, brush, marker and a knife/pruner.

Duration: 15 minutes

How to: Cut the twigs in the desired length. Cut the top so it’s pointy. Also cut a bit off of the bark in the front, which will be the face. Now it’s your kids turn. Paint the tops red – you can either use your fingers, or a brush. Draw the face on the front with a marker. I did a few and my daughter did most of them. Some of them are a bit wonky looking, but hey, she has the drawing skills of a 5-yo. I say, embrace it and be proud!

If you want, you can attach the Twig Santa’s to a flat piece of wood, to make them stand on their own. You can also put them in a nice glass or bowl.

I tried out several ways of attaching: glue, double sided tape and small nails. All work just fine, but I found the double-sided tape the easiest and quickest to use. They don’t weigh much, so the tape is strong enough.

Make as much as you want.


The story behind it: We love visiting our local nature center. They have this area, where they dump all wood, branches and other greenery that they don’t need after pruning the trees in the area.

We have been gathering a lot of twigs and stumps of wood and you will see me using a lot of these materials in the coming tutorials.

On Pinterest, I saw these cute Santa’s or dwarfs. I love that they are so simple, yet you can make a whole forest village with them!

The 5-yo was also on board during the whole process, it was easy for her to paint the hats and fun to make different types of faces. It was a great training for her fine motor skills to draw the faces on such a tiny surface, which also was uneven and a little rough. 

By asking her to make happy and sleeping faces for example, we also practiced emotions and what they look like.