December 4th

Straw trees

What: Christmas trees made from straws. 

Supplies: Straws and glue, tape or stapler.

Duration: 15 minutes

How to: Cut the straws from big to small. Attach to the one straw that you have left in its original size.

I used double-sided tape to attach the straws to each other, because it is the most kids-friendly and quickest. It does give for a little wobbly trees.

You can also use glue, but then you have to hold the straws for quite a long time before you can move on to the next straw, otherwise they keep rolling off the long straw (I tried! You can tell by one of the pictures).  My kid is not that patient – and neither am I.

Alternatively, you can use a stapler, but I would only recommend it when your child is a little older and can handle a stapler safely. Also, the straws will be pushed flat where you yam the stapler through it.

The story behind it: No crazy story behind this DIY, except that my daughter had this phase where she would only drink from a glass, if there was a straw in it. Anyone recognize this? Therefore, we have a lot of straws, and now that the phase is over (thank God), we might as well use the straws for something else.