December 5th

Twinkle twinkle little star

What: Stars made from paper

Supplies: Paper in squares and a pair of scissors. If you want to hang the stars on a branch, you also need a branch (duh), strings and some beads for a nice finish.

Duration: Depending on how quick you and your mini-me can fold, about 1 hour (including the hangings with a little tassel).

How to: There are many steps in folding this particular star. I have used a guide from Flair Blog, which was very comprehensive. You can find it on her lovely DIY-blog here.

To hang the stars on the branch, I used a regular sewing thread and small, wooden beads. I made a little tassel at the bottom, by cutting a few threads and folding them in two.

My daughter helped me with attaching the beads and hanging it on the branch, however the star itself was too complicated for her (5-yo). If your child is a little older, he or she can also help with making the stars!

The story behind it: Christmas needs stars, loads of them! I wanted to try to make these stars, because I think they are so pretty!

I used striped paper for a fun effect, but you can of course choose any type of paper, maybe something with glitter for extra Christmas vibes, as long as you use a square piece, you are good to go.