December 6th

What: Pom pom wreath.

Supplies: Yarn, pom pom maker, ribbon, wreath

Duration: 2 hours, including making the pom pom’s and attaching them to the wreath.

How to: Make as many pom pom’s as you like. I have this smart ‘pom pom maker’; two half-double circles of plastic (see picture to clarify) that you can wrap the yarn around. This pom pom maker makes it really easy and quick to make the pom pom’s, also for kids. They come in different sizes, so you can vary the size of your pom pom’s to add depth to your wreath.

If you don’t have such a pom pom maker, no panic! You can opt for the old school version: cut out two circles in card board. Lay them on top of each other and wrap the yarn around them. Cut open between the two pieces of card board, and bind together with a string. Make sure you bind it tightly. You can find loads of guides on how to make pom pom’s online, such as on Pinterest.

Attach them to your wreath. Mine is made of willow branches, we have had it for ages. You can of course add the pom pom’s to any type of wreath you like. Have fun with it, experiment with sizes and color! 

For a finishing touch, add a ribbon to hang it from.

The story behind it: pom pom’s are fun! And they don’t shed their needles or leaves, such as the organic material I would otherwise use for making a wreath. 

It was easy for my 5-yo to participate, it was fun to wrap the yarn around the plastic and it was a little exciting to cut it into pieces and see the pom pom reveal itself.