December 7th

What: Christmas card laundry line.

Supplies: Piece of string, beads, double-sided tape , washi tape, pegs, glue and glitter.

Duration: 20 minutes (and maybe a little waiting time for the glue to dry, depending on your glue).

How to: Put glue on the pegs and drizzle with glitter. Very easy for children to do and the effect is lovely, especially in the evening when the lights are on. 

While the pegs are drying, cut the string in the desired length and attach to the wall. I used double-sided tape and it is strong enough to hold 10 cards. To cover the double-sided tape, we used washi tape. We added three beads on each end of the string to give it a nice finish.

When the pegs are dry, simply clip them on the line and it is already ready for use!

The story behind it: We love all that is glimmer! And we also love mail. Even though we don’t receive as many Christmas cards as we used to, it is still nice to have them on display.

This DIY is extremely accessible for kids and it can also be used to hang their own Christmas drawings they may make at daycare, school or at home.