December 8th

What: Christmas hanger

Supplies: Decorative clay (white), cookie cutters, straw, ribbon, branch, fish string to hang the branch from. I also added a little green Christmas tree branch for a green touch. 

Duration: 15 minutes to make the figures, one night to dry and 10 minutes to hang them on the branch.

How to: Roll out the clay. Use the cookie cutters to make the desired shapes. We used a straw to cut a little hole in the top, so we could hang them later.

Let dry. Check how long it’s supposed to dry on the instructions that come with your clay. Some clay may also need to be baked in the oven. Ours was self hardening.

When the figures are dry, find a ribbon in a color you like, and attach the figures to your branch. 


The story behind it: This is a very easy DIY and yet it creates an instant Christmas feel, if you ask me. My daughter was on board during the whole process, she thought it was especially fun to stick out little holes with the straw.

I hung the branch with fish string, to give it the illusion it is floating.

And yes, it is hanging in my toilet.

Have a nice Saturday!