DIY… Autumn leaves macrame

I love decorating with leaves. I used them for our wedding (have a look here) and with the spare leaves, my daughter and I made a cute macrame hanger for her room.

Glam up your leaves

Macrame hangers are everywhere! Big and bulky made of wool, or thin and sleek with rope. I have a love-hate relationship with these types of macrame hangers. I love the way they give a little extra to a room, but it reminds me so much about all the houses that I used to clean as a social and health care assistant, that I feel a little reluctant to have one in my home (it was not my dream job, let’s put it like that).

So liking the concept of a hanging on the wall, but not so much with yarn. So then I decided to give it a go with the bunch of leaves we still had lying around from the wedding decorations (see my post about that here).

To glam up our leaves, we whipped out our trusted glitter glue (can’t have enough of that with girls in the house) and painted the leaves with it. Allow to dry for a few hours.

We carefully pulled threads though the leaves, so we could hang them on our hanger. The hanger was a thrift find, and came in a pair of two, because it actually is an old-fashioned bag handle.

We made sure to hang the leaves at different heights to achieve a playful effect. It also had a practical reason: it is really difficult to get a 5-yo to concentrate on hanging things in a straight line.

When we had the leaves hanging my daughter lost interest in the project. 

To give the hanger a finished effect, I therefore wrapped yarn around the handle myself. That turned out to be a good idea, because it was pretty hard not to pull the leaves off their string and I can’t image my daughter pulling it off (pun intended).

And of course the string had to be red, my daughters favorite color! She is very happy with it and I think it can stay there until we get going with our Christmas decorations.