DIY: Cupcake stand

We like cake, we like candy, and we like everything in between. So why not make a display that can feature it all?! With porcelain markers, a couple of plates and a few glasses, the kids can make and decorate it themselves.

Crazy candy tower

I have a confession to make: My husband and I have been conceiving our kids at the wrong time of year. Both our girls are born in school vacations: the little one in July and the biggest one in October, in the week that is reserved for autumn break in Denmark.

They are going to hate us for it, just like the summer kids in my class hated that no one was ever around to celebrate their birthday.

So sometimes you just have to compensate to make up for it, even though nobody is complaining (yet). So what do you do? You think of ways to start a party in the middle of the week, when you are totally overwhelmed with the pressure of everyday life. Might as well have some fun while we are at it, right?

So, one afternoon when our eldest daughter had a girlfriend over, we decided that we could draw on some plates with porcelain markers.

It is a lot of fun for the kids and when you bake the plates for 90 minutes in the oven after the ink has dried, they can even have their breakfast or dinner on their own plates. The markers I used can supposedly also resist the demolishing power of the dishwasher, but I opt for a good old wash by hand.

My eldest made me a vase once, which was also ‘dishwasher proof’ but when it came out white, we had a whole lot of explaining and drying of tears to do. So I’m not risking it.

Anyways, when the girls were drawing, I came up with the idea to make a cupcake stand, because I was inspired by the various sizes of the plates. The girls weren’t into my idea (kids!), so I did it myself. I also didn’t have the time to bake cupcakes, but the cupcake stand doesn’t discriminate between various sorts of sweet treats and neither do the girls (also: kids! They are quick to enjoy the fruits of your labour. But the other way around not so much).

Quick tutorial: Find three plates in various sizes. You might want to find some that already have a print on it, for a fun effect. Draw any type of pattern on it. I went for polka dots, hard to go wrong with those.

Let dry and harden in the oven, following the instructions that go with your set of markers.

Find something you can use as a divider. I used glasses, that are a somewhat strange mix between a bowl on a stilk or a chubby glass. For optimal support and to secure a stable stand, glue the glasses and plates together (adult job).

Let dry and test if all is properly stuck before you let a group of hungry kids near your creation!