DIY: Daybed with storage

If you’ve been following my blog and my Instagram for a while, then you have undoubtedly seen our daybed.

My husband and I built it when I was pregnant of our second daughter. Now, I must admit that I’ve made many bad interior decisions when I was preggo with her, but this wasn’t one of them!

I have done countless naps on it during my third trimester and I love to do my (school-) reading on it. The girls also sit and read on it, so adorable to see! It is a little on the low side, so even the youngest one (she is 1,5 years old) can crawl on it. And if she falls down, it’s not a high fall.

On top of that, the daybed is the best storage unit I have ever built. It is filled to the brim with our ‘rotation-toys’ and especially the 5-yo loves opening it, since it’s like a treasure chest to her.

We’ve used a guide from the Danish interior magazine Boligmagasinet to make it, and even though we are not natural born DIY’ers, we managed to make it – even when I was 6 months pregnant!

You can find the guide here.

Below you can see how our daybed has evolved over the two years that we’ve had it. We’re now in our tropical phase, but before, we’ve had it decked out with pillows in several colors and textures and we’ve also had it staging our Christmas tree from 2017.

We are still debating the daybed’s color. I say dusty pink, but the husband is not feeling it. Other colors in the mix are aubergine, green or yellow. Or just keep it white. I’ve kinda grown fond of it in white and then I can vary its styling a lot more… What do you think?! 

Have a lovely day out there.

Above you can see its contents and how it also sometimes is a storage unit on top.