DIY… Drama-o-clock

‘Whèèè! I don’t want to write the numbers, you are making me write on my painting!’

Oh no. Sometimes a project takes a turn for the worse, when you are trying to force your will upon your mini-me.

In this case, we were making a clock. My daughter is not old enough to learn how to tell time, but she always asks us ‘what is my bedtime?’. I thought it was a good idea to teach her the place of the clock-hands on this particular time of day. And why not up-do a clock we had received as a customer gift at a pet store?

So far so good. She was totally fired up to draw her own backdrop, replacing the original background consisting of a cat and a dog. So we dismantled the whole clock, and I cut out a new background on a white piece of paper.

My daughter put in all her creativity to make this piece of paper a true work of art.

We’d practiced the numbers on a piece of paper before putting them on her painted piece of paper. This she loved. And then I made the mistake of assuming that she’d also would love to draw them on her own painting. 

But no. I hadn’t listened to here properly, and had not understood that she didn’t want to draw on her finished background, because she felt it was so pretty already. And me, I was just concerned with making a proper clock that can tell proper time.

My bad.

Luckily, she was willing to make another backdrop, but only if I wrote the numbers. So we did it like that. I was quick to agree to her wishes, trying to make up for my previous over-ambitiousness.

She is so proud of her clock now and shows it off to all visitors. But it ticks very loudly. On her demand, I have to put it in her sock drawer when she goes to sleep.

So now we know that it is bedtime, when the clock disappears in the closet.

Well… that is also a way of telling time!