DIY: Easter birds

What: Easter birds made from yarn.

Supplies: Yarn, tiny piece of card board for the beak, iron wire, scissors and twigs to attach the birds to.

Duration: 10 minutes per bird.

How to: Making these birds is pretty simple, but hard to describe (I tried, but failed). So just follow the steps on the pictures below, it should be a pretty straight forward process.

Worth knowing is that you should pull the yarn relatively tight, so the separate strings are aligned and don’t get all flappy on you, once you start to bind the tail.

Don’t forget to trim the tail. It might be yarn birds we are talking about, but I’m sure they’d appreciate it, if you make them look pretty.

I didn’t give them eyes (or yes, I tried with goggly eyes, but they became very scary to look at), but you can of course add those if you want.  

Make as many birds as you like and attach them to a twig with a little iron wire. I also added a few store bought easter chicks, they mix and match well.