DIY… Light jars

Hi there!

We have a baby that refuses to eat anything from a glass jar. Good on her, being all slow food like, but when it has to go fast (and somehow, it always has to go fast), it would help a lot, if I just could open some pre-made (ecological) food every once in a while.

We have wasted so much food, trying new flavors on her. So I was adamant on not wasting the jars too!

In my time as a pupil at a Rudolf Steiner school, we used to make glass jars into light holders. It was a winter activity, but I see no reason to limit yourself to winter. So I decided, that my 4-yo and me could make a few light jars for our terrace.

You just need wallpaper glue, some silk paper and a whole lot of glass jars! The wallpaper glue needs about 10 minutes to set, so it is a good idea to prepare that in advantage.

We tore the silk paper into random pieces, but you can also cut them into particular shapes, if you or your child prefer to create a certain pattern.

And otherwise, it is just slapping the paper on the jars, and drowning them in glue, so there are no pieces of paper flapping around (and you don’t want that, once you light your candle).

My daughter got bored by it pretty quickly, this time claiming that she ‘hates all things slimy’. Oh well, the day before, slimy was the best in the world. She did make a few jars though, and I enjoyed myself while making the others.

The glue should be dry after a good 2-3 hours at room temperature, and then you can enjoy your lights.

I think they look gorgeous in both daylight and at night.