DIY… Orange revamp

Hello you lovely people, 

Today a little DIY of the easiest kind: painting furniture! 

Ideal when you feel you need a change in your interior, but can’t justify buying something new because there is nothing wrong with your items.

This time my daughter’s stool received the paint-treatment. She mainly uses it in the kitchen to reach the sink. We also use it several other places around the house and after I’ve made the setup next to the front door (as on the pic), I am kinda hooked on keeping it there (I just need to convince all other family members that it’s a good idea).

Since it is her stool, I asked my girl to help me. And she was happy to do so – provided we painted it orange.

I thought that was a great idea; so we whipped out the orange paint that we had saved from another project, so this time we had no costs whatsoever. We are pretty happy to use bold colors in our interior and this was no exception, but less popping colors can also give a fresh feel to your furniture.

We sanded the stool down first. You should always do this, especially when there are remnants of other paint, or, in our case, sticky leftovers from when we had anti-slip strips on it. 

My daughter gave it the first layer of paint. As you can see on the pictures, you can’t expect a 4-year-old to do a neat job, so I tried to distribute the paint somewhat evenly afterwards, so it wouldn’t be too messy.

After making a firm set of fingerprints in the wet first layer (thanks), my daughter was done with the make-over. So I snug in a second layer the day after, when she was at daycare.

Now it feels like a proper new stool. I had my ‘I-wanna-change-my-interior-fix’ and my daughter feels like it is even more her stool than before. We call it win-win!