DIY: Rainbow bag

Our eldest has started in school. There are 800 pupils and it’s like the Bermuda Triangle for my daughter’s belongings. So why not custom make a bag for her to keep her gymnastics clothes in, so she always will remember to take it with her?

As you may or may not know, our eldest has started in school this summer.

As if it’s not enough for any mother to send their little child in this black box of adult-life preparation, the school is also a lot like the Bermuda Triangle for her belongings: her socks go missing, her sweaters are gone and she even came home in shoes two sizes too big one day (turned out another girl had the exact same shoes and they swapped by accident).

When we also got the message that the kids need a bag for their gymnastics-stuff, I was determined to make a bag that my daughter would recognize between all the other bags. And thereby upping the chances of her actually bringing it home with her again.

She is obsessed with rainbows, so naturally the bag had to feature a rainbow. And her name of course, otherwise the whole exercise might turn out to be futile!


I bought a bag at a crafts-supplier (cheaply!) and after sketching the design with pencil, I drew it on with markers. Mostly so my 5-yo could understand that the rainbow wasn’t going to be black and white.

Then I just started sewing in the different colours of the rainbow, a very simple in-and-out-kinda stitch (see details above). It still took me a few evenings to make all the bows, but that is another story (something about working 40h a week and commuting another 15, so I sometimes have trouble keeping my eyes open in the evenings).

Be careful not to stitch the two sides of the bag together! I used a plain cotton thread for the rainbow, it’s pretty resistant and doesn’t shrink when washing the bag.

I drew a couple of lettering examples and my daughter decided which one she wanted. I put the piece of paper with the letters in the bag and was able to trace it, since the cotton is a little see trough.

And tadaa, the bag is done. Let’s hope it won’t disappear any time soon!