DIY: Smash!

What: Yarn sign

Supplies: Yarn, iron wire, ‘knitters spool’ (punnik-set in Dutch).

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

How to: Use your spool to knit a long thread, which you will use to shape your sign with. 

In Dutch it is known as ‘punniken’ and I have not come across a proper English translation of the word. However, it’s just like loom-knitting in mini form. It’s very easy and once you get the hang of it, it goes rather quickly.

Make sure your thread is long enough to write the word you wish. 

I added the iron wire afterwards. This is of course done so your writing will remain in place.

This is not a job you should do when you have to leave the house for a very important appointment in 5 minutes. Take your time and it will go smooth. Try to rush it and you will poke out your eyes, while frantically pushing the wire into the yarn.

Alternatively, incorporate the wire while you are knitting, it will sit snuggly in the middle of your yarn and you won’t have to wiggle it in afterwards. Trial and error people!

Spell out the word you wish. Try to read it from a distance to make sure you (and maybe others) can read it.


The story behind it: I fancy a cool neon lettering sign. But my wallet fancies no such ting, so when I stumbled upon this yarn version, I had to try it.

I knew straight away that I had to spell out the word SMASH – since it is such a powerful word that works on all levels.

It’s so motivating when you want to SMASH your goals! Also, my 5-yo is fascinated by the Hulk, which makes it funny too. And of course our youngest daughter who makes a virtue out of smashing all she encounters.

Happy Monday to you – don’t forget to smash all that needs smashing!