DIY… Tic tac toe

Hi all,

Here a quick and dirty (if you don’t watch out) diy on how to make a tic-tac-toe-board and stones, if you’re feeling like making your own.

You need a tree trunk, (finger-)paint and rocks. If you, like us, want to make a somewhat smooth board, then I also recommend sandpaper.

My daughter and I went on a tree trunk hunt on the ground of my parents-in-law’s summerhouse. Luckily for us, they had just chopped down a few trees, so we got to pick from a nice stack of trunks. 

We sanded down the trunk, so we won’t get splinters in our fingers in the heat of the game.

Then I got out the fingerpaint. While I was doing most of the sanding, I’d send my girl out to find some small rocks to make bricks for the game.

She then started painting those. I had imagined painting the whole rock in a nice, equally distributed layer of paint. But that turned out to be too ambitious. She just whacked on the paint – and that does the trick as well.

After painting the rocks, it was time to paint the board. I had sketched the lines for her, so she just had to follow those. That went perfectly, but don’t expect straight lines.

My daughter then proclaimed that she wanted to decorate the sides of the trunk too. Fine by me! And on she went with her no nonsense approach of painting; she is the generous kind of person.

And after about 30 minutes of fun, we had our own tic-tac-toe game. Ready to play!

And I somehow kept on losing.