Inspiration: Elin’s room

My daughter is not known for being subtle or cautious when using colors or patterns. If it comes to clothes or decorating, she is pretty funky. I think her style is rather cool.

You can catch her in a burgundy dress, that she’s put over a long red-and-white striped blouse with a poofy sleeve, casually combined with leopard trousers in red, pink and purple. And purple shoes to top it of (they have lights in ’em).

That is how she rolls and I love it, even though it hurts my eyes. She picks it herself and as long as it’s suited for the weather, she can decide herself.

What a head ache she gave me, when she proclaimed that her room should be ‘all the colors of the world, but mainly red, purple and orange.’To me, those colors are not even close to be gentle on the eyes when they are combined together.

But I stumbled upon a picture of a poppy field with lavender and an orange sunset. If it can be done in nature, then it also can be done at our place, I thought, and we bought the paint.

I’ve tried to find the poppy field picture to show you guys, but I must have deleted it, because I can’t find it anymore (also the thing closest to a mood board I’ve ever made).

In the beginning of the year, we’d bought a high bed for Elin, thinking it would create more space in her room, since it is only 3 metres long and 1.90 meter wide. But it was such a big construction, that it completely dominated the room. On top of that, Elin was afraid to sleep in it due to its height. A few weeks ago, we sold it and placed her old junior bed in the room again.

It has been such a pleasure decorating the room afterwards. The flow is a lot better now and it has a such a nice vibe to it, I think.

We are still on the look-out for a carpet, that will make it even cozier.

I am especially pleased with all the home made decorations we have on display. Elin is a sentimental sucker and finds it hard to get rid of things, so many of her past diy-projects are still decorating the room. You can see most of them on the pics.

To me, they do not only decorate the room, they also represent memories (yeah, I’m an emotional sucker too, she gets it from me). 

Like the tucan on the wall. We made it when we were in the Netherlands at my mother’s place. I was so tired that day (baby wasn’t sleeping), but Elin and I (and a bucket of coffee) had such a fun time glueing the thing together. It’s supposed to be able to flap its wings, but the design is rubbish, so it just hangs beak down if you’d let it dangle on the string.

Just looking at the bird makes me smile, because it reminds me of a little moment where we had fun. It is not a spectacular history (unlike the one time I was on a train with smuglers in Ukraine, I tell you about it some other time), but I have way more ‘average’ moments like this than extremely over the top ones, and it is here, that I find my happiness. And I hope my children do too.