Fenne’s favorites… “I do”

We got married! On our 11th anniversary my boyfriend and I made it official. Now he’s not only the love of my life, the father of my daughters and the most annoying winner of games that I know, now he’s also my husband.

We held a super simple wedding, with very few guests. We got married at Copenhagen’s very pretty city hall and afterwards we went home to our place, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner of Lebanese food.

However, you guys know me by now, I still had to decorate a bit more extensively than strictly necessary for the big day. And I’m so pleased with how it turned out (we did have chairs by the way – they came after I’d taken the pictures).

About my dress: I knew all along that I wasn’t going to get married in a traditional white bridal gown. Although I love to watch ‘Say yes to the dress’, I just couldn’t see myself in one on our big day.

The only thing my now-husband didn’t want me to wear was a floral gown – and my gosh, I do love a flower print! And I don’t know about the fashion in your country, but here in Denmark, about 80 percent of all gowns have some sort of flower print on it. 

So it was a challenge to steer away from the flowers, but I fell head over heals in love with this dress from YAS when I saw it.

Even when I put it on backwards the first time (don’t ask me why), I was already smitten! It got even better when I turned it the right way. So I hád to buy it. 

The shoes I found online, at Zalando and they are from Buffalo. I had a pair of Buffalo shoes already, so I know they can be a little small in size, so I went for a size 39 (I hoover between 38 and 39) and they fitted perfectly!

A special thing worth mentioning is that my father made my bridal bouquet. He used to make those as a hobby when I was a child, and of course he wanted to make my bouquet as well. It turned out so beautifully. I’m now drying it and I hope it remains just as pretty as it was on our wedding day.

Photographs of us, me and the bouquet without coffee by the talented Maja DeBretteville (@nordic_bohemian). She made all our wedding pictures that will be gathered in our private photo album.