Fenne’s favorites… Kentia palm

You know you’re getting old, when you all of a sudden can’t bear to live in a house where there are no plants. I’m not talking about the occasional bouquet of flowers, but I’m talking about a proper, green plant. One you have to take care of, if you don’t want it to wither and die.

I am not known for my green fingers, but we decided to buy a green fellow anyways and see if we could keep it alive.

A little over a year ago, we bought our first living room plant, a kentia palm. It was monster expensive (I thought), so I’ve been taking real good care of it. I bathe the palm occasionally and the other day, I even found myself dusting it. And sometimes I whisper sweet words to it to make sure he feels loved. I also made sure to ask the guy in the plant store, which plant was hard to kill. And so we ended with this kentia.

And we’ve been rewarded! It grows and grows and it really adds a lovely focal point to our living room. The kids don’t eat the soil and even though our youngest girl (10 months) tries to pull the leafs every now and then, it is pretty sturdy.

We even ended up adding a lot of other green plants to our interior, such as a banana leaf plant, a couple of pilea’s and also a zamioculcas (and I even know their names!)

So all in all the kentia palm provided to be the perfect plant for beginners such as ourselves. Sometimes it ís easy being green.