Fenne’s favorites… Sixties chair

It was love at first sight. And first sit. This chair and me are made to be together.

My father bought it maybe 17 years ago and it’s probably the first thing I snatched from his interior (but certainly not the last).

When I moved out for university, it was the most important thing I took with me (we didn’t have smartphones back then). It also came with me when I moved to Denmark, always having a prominent place in our interior. It has stood in our bedroom, our daughters bedroom and is currently living up to its potential in the livingroom.

I actually don’t know when or where it was made, but its lines, simplicity and quality tell me it’s probably Scandinavian design made in the sixties. It is a perfect fit for me; it is comfortable when I sit in it like a regular person (you know, where your feet touch the ground), but I can also curl up in it without my legs falling asleep.

And speaking about sleeping… When we were in the phase that our eldest daughter needed us holding hands with her while she was falling asleep, I occasionally found myself waking up with my head tilted backwards (yeah, real charming), resting on its top-pillow, which is just wide enough for your head to be comfortable on. It does require that the rest of your body hangs like a sack in the chair, but the chair also accommodates this slouching position very well.

The cushions need replacement by now, but the wood is still in mint condition. So soon I’ll try to reupholster the chair. But first I’ll enjoy it a little longer the way it is; one, or two, butt-cheeks at the time.