Fenne’s favorites…. Grandma’s spice rack

I know a lot of people, who think that their grandmother is the best. They are wrong. My grandmother was the best.

She was gentle, humorous and had sparkles in her eyes. She was creative and taught me how to knit, crochet and cross sting, for example. I still use many of the techniques she showed me when I was a kid, and I sometimes do activities with my kids, that I learned from her.

When she died a few years ago, I inherited a few things. My favorite thing is her old spice rack. She used to have it in the kitchen. Now it hangs in ours and I use it daily, because we store our sun glasses, headphones, post-its, pens and so on in it. I usually use the top of the spice rack to exhibit a few of our smaller decorative elements, integrating it in our interior.

The back of the spice rack is not original anymore, it is attached with the biggest amount of duct tape I have ever seen. I don’t know if it is correct, but I assume that this was my grandfathers doing. It brings a smile to my lips, thinking about how they used it in their daily lives and how we do the same thing now.

In my view this is the best part of interior styling, having pieces that you like for their looks but also for their story.