Founders: Dino Raw

We can’t get enough of the colourful, hand illustrated dinosaurs from Dino Raw. The woman behind the friendly prehistorical creatures is Sarah, who’s creativity was meant to entertain her boys, but is now bringing joy to many children’s bedrooms around the globe.

Bringing dinosaurs back to life

“Yes, it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex,” Sarah says about her first ever illustration of a dinosaur. Little did she know that this was the start of an ever growing business, where Sarah designs, produces and sells a range of children’s decorative items, such as bedding and hangings, all starring her colourful, hand illustrated dinosaurs.

She was a stay at home mom to her two boys Jack and Ted, when she drew that first T-Rex. As she explains on her website: “When my boys were around the ages two and four years they developed a strong obsession for dinosaurs, anything to do with dinosaurs they loved! ‘Draw dinosaur, Mum’ was constantly repeated by my youngest son Ted. My eldest son Jack had thoughts of me drawing the dinosaurs and he could colour them in.”

Her boys loved the T-Rex and Sarah had found her calling. With a background in fashion design and visual merchandizing, it was not a giant leap for Sarah to begin turning her ideas into a business. Her vision for her products is clear: “I love transforming these wonderful creatures into a fun and colourful design that appeals to younger children. I think that often dinosaurs can be quite scary for our little ones. That is why I draw them with friendly smiles and fun-filled colours. This way they can be assured that the dinosaurs are there to watch over them, not eat them.”

Popular creatures

Dino Raw’s products are in high demand. “We are very busy, trying to keep up with all the orders,” Sarah says. However, she still finds the time to expand her collection of products, that now includes bedding, hangings and wall stickers in various shapes and sizes. The hangings can even be customized to include the name of the lucky child receiving the hanger.

Sarah: “All the illustrations are created by me. I use several mediums, including fine ink, crayon and marker. The dinosaurs are then reproduced into a high quality print. I print on white linen paper and parchment paper, both have a beautiful natural texture that brings out the detail and colour of the illustration.”

Sarah uses water-based inks so her products are non-toxic for the little ones and it also limits the impact of her production process on the environment.

Books and museums

Sarah has lots of plans for the future: “I intend to expand my collection of dinosaur illustrations as there are many that I have not illustrated yet. I also plan to keep creating new and colourful dinosaur designs every year, and one of the things that I am definitely planning is to create a children’s Dinosaur Book.”

And that is not all. The Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney has started stocking Sarah’s creations. She says: “It is a dream come true and I would love to stock museums all over the world.”

And we can’t blame the museum for buying in on Sarah’s designs; she has managed to give us the most vibrant dinosaurs we have seen for many a century!

You can find Dino Raw’s universe here and on @dinorawkids.

All pictures are made by Sarah, who has given me her kind permission to use them for this blogpost.