Founders: Hemma Interiors

Matilda Kristoffersson encourages her clients to choose an interior design scheme based on their feelings, and not on what might be on trend. To help her clients zoom in on their own preferred style, Matilda has developed an online Style Editor.

Feeling first interior: designing with the heart

Despite having a successful career in technology and marketing, Matilda Kristoffersson didn’t feel fulfilled. Matilda: “I missed purpose. After many years in the tech and marketing world, I decided that I wanted to follow my real passion in life – decorating homes. I took the leap after I had gotten in touch with a friend of mine, who is a life and purpose coach. She helped me see that is very possible for me to pursue a career with my hobby and passion if I just dare to go for it – so I did!”

Matilda was born and raised in Sweden, but has been living in the Netherlands since seven years with her husband Thijs and their 2 year-old-son. Matilda is currently pregnant with their number two ánd three.

Matilda was no stranger to interior design: “I grew up with parents who had an interior store. I think it’s safe to say that my passion for interior is something that is in my blood.”

Feeling at home

“Sweden is a pretty cold and dark country most of the year, so the feeling of being ‘at home’ becomes very important. Our home is a place we naturally spend a lot of time, and it becomes an extension of our self, a way to show friends and family who we are,” Matilda explains and continues:

“The concept of Hemma Interiors (hemma, Swedish for ‘at home’ or ‘home’) was born out of a need I saw in the market – interior design for real homes that is accessible no matter where you live, and independent of a big budget. 

But it wasn’t enough for me to just create ‘pretty’ homes. I really believe that how we feel in our homes is a very important thing, and can have a big impact on our wellbeing. That is why I always start off “Feeling First”.

I help my clients connect to how they truly want to feel in a space, how to tune into their own interior intuition and creativity and then help them to translate this into an actual design.”

Seeing possibilities

“To me, decorating a home has never been about the latest trends or the most expensive design items. It’s all about bringing that peaceful and happy feeling of walking into you home thinking ‘aah, this is my space where I feel at ease, a place where I am fully myself’. But I also knew I wanted to bring something new to the market. With my background in tech I realised that there were so many opportunities to make interior services both cheaper and easier to use, by utilising technology. That is why I also offer my services online, for example.”

To help her clients choose a direction, Matilda has created a Style Editor, a collection of mood boards that neatly sum up some of the biggest interior design styles.

Matilda is also currently designing an online course on “Feeling First” interior. She says: “It’s been so much fun and a great learning for me on how I can inspire people to decorate their homes in a new way, with a bit of a different approach than the traditional 1-on-1 interior advice.”


Matilda enjoys the freedom and full flexibility that go with being an independent entrepreneur: “I work where I want, when I want and with what I want.”

A downside can be the lack of a sparring partner: “It can sometimes feel lonely and when you get stuck you don’t naturally have someone to think with you. That’s why I always recommend to work with a coach or a mentor. This person can be the one you check in with, and who thinks with you on your problems.”

To make sure that she gives herself the peace and calm to make the right decisions for her business rather than making choices solely based on “earning a quick buck”, Matilda is parttime working at her old IT-job as well. She elaborates: ”I think it’s important to show that it is possible to start a business while also keeping your day job. There doesn’t have to be an either or, it can be and and instead.”

However, helping clients with creating homes that truly make a difference to them, is very rewarding to Matilda: “My number one motivation to get up and do what I do is that I truly want to have a positive impact on people’s lives. I want to open their eyes to how interior can play an important role in your wellbeing and that every single home is unique (and should be!). I want to inspire people to move away from trends and constantly buying new, but instead understand their own personal style and make choices that last.”


Curious about Hemma Interiors and Feeling First design? Hop on over to hemma-interiors and have a nosey in the Style Explorer. You can also follow Matilda on Instagram at @hemmainteriors_com

All pictures in this blogpost are made by Matailda from Hemma Interiors, who has given me her kind permission to use them here.